I’ll show you how to hang this picture using iHang-It®

You’ll need:​

  • iHang-It®
  • Safety glasses, Hammer, Tape measure, Hooks & Nails​

Step 1:

  • Determine where on the wall you want to hang your picture ​
  • Rule of thumb, the middle of your picture should be 57 ½ from the floor​
  • Put a piece of tape at the height you want your picture​

Step 2:​

  • Place your picture on flat surface with the back side facing up​
  • This picture uses a wire. This is the simplest and most preferred method as it makes it easy to level once the picture has been hung​
  • Loosen thumbscrews on the Hook Holders and spread them out to where they are about 6” from the side of the picture frame ​
  • Tighten the thumbscrews​

Step 3:

  • Insert hook & nail in the Hook Holder; the magnet holds them in place and keeps them from falling out even if you hold it upside down!​

Step 4:​

  • Hold iHang-It® to the wall​
  • Use the level to ensure the hooks are level​

Step 5:​

  • Tap the nail until hook is snug (not tight) against the wall; repeat on the other side​
  • When done, pull down iHang-It® leaving the hooks & nails ​
  • Now, tap the nails so hooks are secure against the wall​

iHang-It® has been removed

  • Hooks are tight against the wall​
  • Now, hang your picture!​

Step 6:

  • Use iHang-It® to ensure your picture is level!​


You did it!

Pictures with Keyhole, Sawtooth, D-rings hanger types.

  • Loosen thumbscrews, ​
  • Align Hook Holder with hanger type,​
  • Repeat on other side, ​
  • Tighten thumbscrews,​
  • Insert hook & nail, ​
  • Hold iHang-It® up to wall, ​
  • Tap nail till hook is snug, ​
  • Remove iHang-It®,​
  • Tap nail securing hook to wall,​
  • Hang picture and level. ​

A really wide picture?

No problem….add a Connector and Arm and you’re ready to go!​

Highly suggest that you have someone help you! ​

Single Hook Type?​

No problem….​

  • Remove Hook Holder from Arm, ​
  • Insert hook & nail, ​
  • Hold Hook Holder to wall, ​
  • Tap nail till hook is snug, ​
  • Remove Hook Holder, ​
  • Tap nail securing hook to wall,​
  • Hang your picture!​

What makes iHang-It® easy, quickly and safely to hang pictures?​

Intuitive design
  • iHang-It® is easy to figure out and use​
No need for a tape measure to measure between hanger types
  • Quickly loosen thumbscrews, align Hook Holders with hanger type.​
  • Integrated level quickly helps you level your picture​
Integrated magnets holds hook and nail in place
  • Keeps your fingers safely out of the way of the hammer​